Sports Therapies

If you play sports or keep fit, investing in sports therapy is the most crucial part of your kit not just for injury

Here’s why:
Zen Ten Spa’s sports treatments guarantee you body
maintenance at a higher level of condition,
guard against injuries & loss of mobility,
cure & restore movement
to injured muscle tissue.
So boost your performance and extend the overall
length of your sporting career now!

Here’s how it works:
1. Our world-first therapy vehicle parks at your home,
sports club or event to give on-site
treatment to individuals or the whole team
2. You receive a full wellbeing assessment and personally
tailored treatment programme free of charge
at the time of your first therapy
3. Our expert award winning sports therapies
are bespoke tailored to meet your precise needs
and are drawn from these therapies:

Watch how our service works

Reach Peak Performance

Succeed in Sport Choices

Sports therapy

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is crucial both for injury relief and performance maintenance. Deep tissue massage techniques coupled with joint manipulation guarantee a speedier recovery for injured tissue and increased flexibility, speed and stamina.

Sports therapy

Reiki for Sport

Reiki, is a through-clothing light-touch energy therapy. It has been scientifically proven to speed up the recovery of soft tissue damage and promote bone growth after breaks. It boosts immunity protecting against  the common infections that de-rail training plans and reduce performance. It also triggers healthy sleep patterns regulating rest and recovery between events.

Sports therapy

Succeed Coaching/Counselling

Our fully qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor has extensive experience coaching winning teams to greater successes. Hour-long consultations range from practical advice sessions on prioritisation and goal setting towards major event deadlines to visualisation and confidence support to achieve winning mindsets.

Succeed in Sport

Winning Support

Single Treatment/Consultation
£651 hr
Half Day
Succeed in Sport Package
Full Day
Succeed in Sport Programme
£3506 hrs
Sasha- Stratford

I'm training for a marathon and some days its only the thought of my Zen Ten Spa sports massage in that beautiful van just feet from my bed on a wednesday evening that keeps me going.

Sasha- Stratford
Matt, Coventry
Great sports massage. Got over my injury really quickly. Good experience- would book again!

Sports massage for injury relief & performance maintenance. Specialist  treatments for sport delivered in our mobile treatment room driven to your sports club, training ground or sporting event. Relaxation & pain relief for all sports injuries & performance maintenance. Tailor-made sports massage, reflexology , reiki & sports psychology for peak sports performance. Sports teams , event participants & individuals treated on site throughout Warwickshire, Midlands, Cotswolds & beyond. Call us out to your sports team for injury relief sports massage & more in Warwick, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Stratford on Avon, Knowle, Solihull, Coventry, Rugby, Birmingham & beyond.